Here’s what our clients did comment about our services of HVG Travel, we asked for permission so that we may publish them on our website to help potential customers decide on HVG Travel for their holidays to Vietnam.

It is important for other travelers to hear the honest opinions from our past clients, we do not alter or edit what has been said. We do however, remove the emails for privacy protection.

Halong Life Heritage tour

Great tour. The boat and the 2 tour guides were wonderful. So was the lunch. Thank you very much for the arrangements.

Charles Rose

Halong bay Cruise

Dzung, Just wanted to let you know we had a wonderful trip yesterday. Mr Thuan was wonderful and we very much enjoyed having him as our guide. Thank you so much for all your help. We will definitely recommend your company to others and write good reviews.

Jessica Kersey

Saigon – Mekong – Mui Ne

Dear Dzung Nguyen, We had a wonderfull time in HCMC , Mr Vinth is a good and funny Tour Guide , we are very happy with all well organized tour , hotel and food , thank you very much for everything .
Some our friend have plan to go to vietnam and I will give your email address and mobile phone to them,
If you have name card please send me by email .
Enclosed our group photo when we make birthday party in restaurant cruise in chan to .

Thank you and warm regards from Indonesia

Rubby Adhisuria

Hanoi – Halong Bay tour

Dear Mr. Dzung Nguyen, I must thank you for your sense of responsibility, courtesy and your hospitality, which enhance image of your country. I started loving your country and your countrymen.

When I looked into your vietnam history, I am really amazed.

Covey my thanks to your company for having provided an excellent service for my vietnam tour.

I have not given anything great as a quantity of business. But, You respected me and encouraged me to come back again to Vietnam, when I first time could not enter into your country.

I would always remember you and looking forward to your visit to India.

Thanks a lot.

Yours truly,

S. Ganesh mahalingam

Hi Giang

What a nice surprise to hear from you.

Here in little Denmark we are approching the authum and the weather is not like in Vietnam 🙁 the sun i shinning but the tempeture is only 5 C so it is the beginning to get colder.

As you know we both started on our new jobs on September 17 and sofar it has been a very good but also very busy period for the both of us.

We really enjoyed our holiday in Vietnam and much thanks to your effort in telling us all about Vietnam and bringing us closer to the local Vietnam culture.

I promised you a picture of our house and I enclosed one here in this mail.

Next week we are having some very good friends visiting us and by then I have to finalize the “video” of all the about 1100 pictues that we took during our trip. But right now it is a video lasting over 2 hours so I will have to shorten it for almost one hour. But we have some very good memories connected to almost every picture – so that is not a very easy task.

I took the liberty to send two of these to you here also.

We are “in our minds” all ready planing the next trip to Vietnam but we do not know when it will be yet – but if it goes up north don´t worry we will call for you.

I hope this mail goes well.

We both whish you all the best for the future and we do not doubt that you with your skills will acchive your goal.

Yours sincerly

Helle and Martin

Dear Giang,

You were our guide in Hanoi and Halong bay last November, for my niece Helene and myself. For us Vietnam was a fabulous experience and you greatly contributed to it, not only taking us around but explaining so many things and helping us in our daily life. We certaily hope to come back (especially since we had to totally skip Hue and Hoi An, due to floods which grounded us for 2 days in Danang. I’ve sent you a card with some prints but I wanted to send some by email too, if this is possible. So I’m attaching 3 to this email and will send 3 more by separate mail.

I hope everything is well with you and hope that 2008 will bring you lots of happiness, good health, and personal as well as professional satisfactions in your private life and job ventures. If you have time, drop a line. And don’t forget if you ever come that way you can stay with me (I’m near Geneva,Switzerland) and my niece who lives near Paris

All the best and again thanks for all your assistance,


Hello Nam,

As promised some pictures from a great trip to Vietnam.
We had a marvelous time and have good memories to your countrie and the people there.
We enjoyed the trip very much, you did a good job.
Say hello to the driver.

Greatings from Lucie and Ruud

Hello Sing!
Hello Chochichäschtli! (The new word which you lerned about the furniture in the kitchen)

Howe are you? We had a very good time in Vietnam. The north part and also the area in the south was very interesting. About the weather we are lucky because we had always sunny days and hot. Now we’re back in the cold Switzerland. Any days ago we had for this wintertime the first snow.
Best regards and a good time whithout rain!!

Silvia and Pius
Erika and Bruno

Dear Phu

Hope this mail finds you well.

I came back to Malaysia last week. I had a wonderful time in Hanoi and Halong Bay. Thanks to the nice people that I met during the trip as well as thanks to you for being such a wonderful tour guide. I will definitely visit Hanoi again.

I attach some of the photos which I took during the Halong Bay trip for you to see.

How are things with you?

That’s all for now.


Chin Choo

Dear Hung

A big hello from the us. We are checked into Queen hotel and have been given free internet access for 1 night!

Thank you for arranging a wonderful tour – we had a great time with the Halong Bay and Bac Tu Long Bay cruise, as well as the memorable “picnic” on the private beach with white

We will have a few more days to explore this exotic city you called home, and will be bringing back with us many fond of memories

Take care

Sow Fung & Laurence

Hi Giang,

Just wanted to say thankyou for taking our group (St John Bosco) around Hanoi and Ha Long Bay. You taught us so much and we all missed you after we left for Sapa. There is a photo attatched to this email for you.

Hope you are well,

from Alicia