Saigon Central Post Office

Selected as the first one in list of 20 ancient Post Offices on the world by the famous Wanderlust Travel Magazine, the Saigon Central Post Office is also one of the architectural masterpieces of Saigon City. It is the pride of many Vietnamese generations and the attracting travel destination of Saigon City tour.

Saigon Central Post OfficeSpecial with unique style and with traditional post services like sending postcard, parcel, ect, Saigon Central Post Office is appraised as the most wonderful point for tourists.

Located right at the center of the city, which is very close to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Saigon Central Post Office was built in 1886~1891 by famous architect Gustave Eiffel and his fellow Foulhoux. This unique construction was inspired by European architectural style combined with the Asian decoration trend. Together with the extensive Diamond Plaza shopping center, the Post Office creates a vivid complex with overwhelming view for tourists in Saigon city.

Saigon Central Post OfficeWhen step inside the Post Office, tourists will have chance to contemplate the two historical maps: Saigonet ses environs – 1892 (map of Saigon city and its surrounding in 1982) and Lignes télégraphiques du Sud Vietnamet du Cambode – 1936 (map of electric line of Vietnam and Cambodia in 1936) along the sidewall.

Existing more than 3 centuries, this ancient building is not only a prominent destination for those loving the ancient architecture of Saigon city but also the good place for tourists to do their post activities like sending written letters, parcels, postcards. Nowadays, Saigon Central Post Office has been updated with many more reception counters with modern telecommunication equipment for you to get in touch with any place in the country and all over the world. Besides, there are many other services like: timer delivery, urgent delivery, flower delivery, gift delivery, etc.,.