Bangkok night market in Saigon

Soon opened at 14.00 on April 22, 2016 (Every week from Friday till Sunday)
Pham Hung Centre Mall – C6/27 Pham Hung street, district 8, Saigon City
Vivid scene at Bangkok night market in Saigon City

Vivid scene at Bangkok night market in Saigon City

After the success of Bangkok Night market held in Pandora City (last December 24, 2015), in the upcoming time, Walking Street Corporation will organize a similar one in Pham Hung Centre Mall – Saigon City. There will be more than 150 stalls and shops opening here, which are classified into main areas like: food area, fashion area, advertising area, event area, etc., This will be certainly a very interesting destination of those intend to visit Saigon City these days and want to explore Saigon City at night.


Colorful souvenirs at Bangkok night market

No need to fly to Thailand to buy its products or delicious foods anymore, now tourists can still enjoy the same atmosphere of a typical Thai night market right in the Pham Hung centre mall in Saigon City. Let’s come here to buy good-quality products, enjoy not only delicious Thai food but also other tasty Vietnamese food there.


Typical Thai food at Bangkok night market

At night, under the splendid colors shined from the stores or shops: you will feel like you are in a bustling Bangkok. Those who love fashion will spend hours of hours in fashionable clothes stores to choose their favorite styles. There are many other kiosks selling handmade clothes, shoes, souvenirs, etc., Just choose anything you like, it’s really a shopping paradise where you can buy whatever you like, eat whatever you want, stay here as late as you can, etc.


Delicious Vietnamese food at Bangkok night market

For those like eating, especial in Thai food, this is exactly what you expect for, so many delicious dishes prepared directly by Thai cook. There are also other wonderful dishes from other countries for you to change your appetite. There is a large area which you should not miss, the Interfood Zone that serving all type of food of various countries. You will have chances to enjoy street food of Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, etc with reasonable prices. The food here is made from natural materials, with no hazardous agents harmful to the human health. Therefore, it attracts not only foreign tourist but also Vietnamese tourists too.


Music band performing in Bangkok night market

Besides the kiosks listed above, there is also another place specialized for events, parties, music performances for those like entertaining activities. Arrive here, you will join into interesting games, watching wonderful performances organized carefully in long time, help you to understand more about Thai culture, and to relax you away from stress or other sorrow matters. You will really like this small part of Thailand inside Saigon City.

For such interesting things bought by the Bangkok night market, it will please any tourists arriving here by its good quality products and food of Thailand. It’s an ideal place to buy not only household items, fashionable clothes but also other memorable cute souvenirs for your relatives and your family members, etc. It is really interesting, isn’t’ it? Now, let prepare your luggage to come to Saigon soon and join this impressive Bangkok market night in next April 22!