Animated bars in Saigon

Saigon nightlife becomes very boisterous. Among various choices like walk around the street, discover delicious foods, and why not throw yourself into the bar. Only at bar, you can fall in the music, dress on sparkling costumes, lure in endless stories or even gossips to relax with an icy cocktail. There are many bars in Saigon for your criteria but as in our suggestion, the following three bars are what you should not miss in Saigon.  Chill Sky Bar, Carmen and Fuse Club are places suitable for you to sip a cocktail and swing around as per the exciting bass sounds.

Chill Sky Bar

chill sky bar saigonWell-known for the brand “the most nice foreign bar in Saigon”, Chill Sky Bar has been attracted more and more tourists. Thanks to its location on the terrace of central high-building, Chill Sky is ideal for you to view the panorama of the city at night. Once you enter here, just relax, dance leisurely, wink an eye at friends or somebody, and enjoy your very unique cocktail. The DJs are the connoisseurs. They play a type of music which is cool but with a little “devil” nuance. Especially, the waiters and waitresses here are so cute, friendly, and enthusiastic. Remember to wear polite clothes before enter this bar because it may decline you just because you wear flip-flops.

Carmen Bar

carmen bar saigon

Long time ago, Carmen has been known as a Latin – Flamenco bar with many famous foreign singers. Carmen has a nice, romantic look which is suitable for groups or lovers. If other bars are in box-shapes normally, Carmen is different in its broadened garden-courtyard to bring you more significant space. Carmen’s style is famous so much that many guests visit here regardless of workday or weekend. On your first step in Carmen, you may feel it quite eccentric but only after hearing a few of songs, you are quickly “enchanted” by Carmen.

Fuse Club

fuse club saigon

The music in Fuse Club is very charming, and leaves a long fascinating experience for those who come here the first time. The space in Fuse Club is striking for its luring interior decoration. It is also the place of many famous talent DJs who always ready to break out the surroundings by their animated songs and music. Besides ready-made cocktail, you should try cocktail in test-tube with radiant multi-colors like: green, red, violet, yellow, etc. Although the price here is quite high, an experience of a late night in Fuse Bar is worth to your adventure.